Do I need to get commercial insurance in Georgia?

If you are in the Buford, GA area you may find that it can be a great place to start and grow a company. If you would like to start a company in this area of the state, a great way to protect it would be by getting a commercial insurance plan. A business owner here will need to get a commercial insurance plan for a few different reasons. 

Insurance Protects Solvency of Business

One important reason to get a commercial insurance plan when you are in Georgia is that it could protect the future solvency of your business. When you have a commercial insurance plan, it will protect all of the assets of your business and can offset commercial liability risk. This will ultimately prove to be a very important form of protection that could keep you solvent in some difficult situations. 

Insurance is a Requirement for Many

You will also need to get a commercial insurance plan because it is a requirement for a lot of business owners. Depending on your situation, you may need to raise money through a loan or through an equity investment. If this is the case, the bank or investor will want to know that their investment is protected. A great way that they can do this is by requiring you to maintain commercial insurance coverage. 

If you are a business owner in the Buford, GA area and need to evaluate your insurance options, it would be a good idea to call Town & Country Insurance. The insurance professionals that are with Town & Country Insurance can offer you great guidance and support. They are able to help you evaluate all of your options, which can help to ensure you are able to build a quality policy that meets your needs. 

Why Recreational Insurance Is An Asset To Georgia Residents

Town & Country Insurance offers multiple types of coverage to the Buford, GA community. We strive to make sure that our clients find policies to protect them while they navigate life’s challenges. We look forward to helping you find the coverage that you need.

Why Recreational Insurance Is An Asset

During the summer, many Buford, GA residents enjoy operating different types of recreational vehicles. Whether you are traveling around in an RV, ATV, or another type of off-road vehicle, recreational insurance will cover you. The policy covers any damage to your vehicle if you are involved in a collision. You’re also protected if your recreational vehicle is stolen or vandalized. Liability insurance is important, as there are a lot of risks involved as you operate these vehicles. Liability coverage protects you if your vehicle injures someone or causes damage to someone’s property. You’re also covered if one of your passengers suffers an injury.

The policy also provides coverage to any accessories that you may add to your recreational vehicles such as campers, trailers, and fifth wheels. You will be protected if these items are stolen or damaged. If you have any luxury items or custom parts on your recreational vehicle, you can amend your policy to cover these items if they are damaged.

You can add extra coverage to assist you if you need towing service or another type of emergency assistance. Also, consider the importance of storage coverage. You want to store your recreational vehicle somewhere safe and secure. You can add storage coverage so that your vehicle will be covered if it is damaged due to a fire or natural disaster while in storage.

Town & Country Insurance Will Help You

For more information on recreational insurance, visit our website today!

What kind of life insurance is right for me?

There are many important forms of insurance coverage that someone in the Buford, GA area needs to have. One important form of coverage to get is life insurance, which provides financial protection to those that depend on you and your income. When you are looking for this insurance, there are many different options available. The two most common options are whole and term life, which have various benefits that should be considered when trying to figure which option is ideal for you.

Whole Life Coverage

One option to consider getting is whole life insurance. When you get a whole life policy, the coverage will remain in place for as long as you want it. A key advantage of this type of coverage is that some of your payments will go into an account that can continue to grow with interest. In the future, you will have the opportunity to liquidate this account. 

Term Life Coverage

Another option that you will have is to get a term life policy. If you do get term life, it will offer you coverage for a specific period of time. These policies are ideal for those that would like the most amount of coverage for the lowest premium payment. While there is not an investment advantage with term life, the lower payments can help you get the most coverage possible.

It is important that everyone in the Buford, GA area continue to assess their life insurance needs. If you are looking for a life insurance policy here, calling Town & Country Insurance would be a good option. The insurance team at Town & Country Insurance can help you understand your insurance options and pick a policy that will give you appropriate coverage and peace of mind. 

Do I need a home inventory

Owning a home in Buford, GA puts you near the Mall of Georgia which is the largest mall in the Southeast. Burford has been an important part of Gwinett Country for more than 100 years. Filing a claim with your home insurance company is not something anyone looks forward to. It can involve a lot of paperwork and stress. Having a good home insurance policy and a trusted insurance agent can make it less of a hassle. Town & Country Insurance has been offering customer-focused service since 2010.

To answer the question do I need a home inventory you need to know what a home inventory is and what it does. If your home is hit by a covered peril, you will file an insurance claim. Part of the coverage that home insurance offers is contents coverage. All the things that make your life comfortable, the things that make a house a home. If they are all destroyed you will want and need to replace them. Imagine your home is destroyed by a fire or a tornado. Not much may be left to remind you of what you had before the devastation. 

That is where your home inventory comes in. It is the record of what you had in every room of your home before the damage. It is your proof of what you had, what you paid for it, and what needs to be replaced. It makes filing a claim much earlier than trying to put it together with nothing left to remind you. So yes, you do need a home inventory. 

If you are purchasing a home and need home insurance or if you are ready to shop for new home insurance at Town & Country Insurance in Buford, GA we can help you. Give us a call or stop at our office and let us give you a free quote. 

What does recreational insurance cover?

Recreational insurance is the glue that holds all things together when you are enjoying an off-road trip with your family in Buford, GA. This type of indemnity plan pays for damages to RVs as well as ATVs and other off-road vehicles. The amount of recreational insurance you need is a discussion you should have with a professional at Town & Country Insurance. Read on to learn about the benefits of purchasing this type of insurance plan. 

Who needs recreational insurance?

Contrary to some beliefs, recreational insurance is not just for those who own motorhomes. A good recreational indemnity policy is also useful for ATV lovers who enjoy using their vehicles for tricks. You need a good policy to pay for repairs or total loss in addition to covering your medical bills should one of your stunts go awry. 

How much recreational insurance should you buy?

There is no set amount of recreational insurance you should buy. Your premiums will largely depend on your lifestyle preferences and budget. 

Those who enjoy extreme sports may consider higher premiums for maximum protection. Meanwhile, those who occasionally enjoy an off-road trip may purchase a plan with lower premiums. 

Your budget is also a determining factor in the debate over how much recreational insurance to buy. Those with thousands to spare may purchase a plan with higher premiums even if they only travel once per year. On the other hand, individuals with limited budgets may choose a more economical plan that provides just enough coverage. 

Whatever you do, insure!

There is little worse than facing the reality of no insurance after you have damaged your ATV or RV. The only way to prevent such a tragedy from being your reality in Buford, GA is to purchase an indemnity plan before you take off-road trips with the family. 

The agents at Town & Country Insurance can help you create the recreational insurance plan that fits your needs. Call them today for a quote.

The Basics of Commercial Insurance

When you are starting your business, you are so excited about getting things together that purchasing commercial insurance may be the last thing you think about. However, having a commercial insurance policy should be one of the things to have on your to-do list. You worked so hard in starting your company, so don’t let the unthinkable, like natural disasters or lawsuits, destroy what you’ve worked so hard for. 

Having said that, you should know that there are many types of commercial insurance coverage available. Nevertheless, the following are the basics of commercial insurance: 

1. Liability Insurance

Also referred to as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, this insurance protects against negligence claims from harm resulting from performance failure or mistakes. 

2. Property Insurance

This insurance covers property that you lease or own in case of theft, storm, or fire. Earthquakes and floods, however, are usually not covered. 

3. Home-based Insurance

This type of insurance is unique and does not operate like commercial property insurance. So, hiring a reliable insurance agent can assist you if you have a home-based business. 

4. Worker Compensation Insurance

This insurance coverage should be added when you hire your first employee. With this coverage, your employees will have a disability, medical, and death benefits if the employees have work-related injuries or died as a result of work. 

5. Vehicle Insurance

It is important to ensure your company vehicles are covered as well. 

6. Property Liability Insurance

If you are selling products to the public, it is vital to have product liability insurance. There are tons of stories throughout the history of various companies getting sued due to damage claims from customers using your product. In many of these cases, companies lost the lawsuit.  

7. Business Interruption Insurance

When it comes to pandemics or catastrophes, company operations may stop. And as a result, they won’t be able to gain profit, pay employees, and pay for bills. Thus, this insurance coverage is very important. 


When it comes to commercial insurance, these commercial insurance coverages are the foundation. However, in some cases, more coverage may be needed.

For more information about commercial insurance, contact Town & Country Insurance. Located in Buford, GA, Town & Country Insurance has been serving Buford GA and surrounding areas since January 2010. They are also partnered with multiple insurance carriers. Contact them today!

Who Needs Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a smart investment, especially if you have people who are financially dependent on you. If you are wondering whether you need this type of insurance or not,  Town & Country Insurance serving Buford, GA has prepared the list of categories of people who need it most: 

  • Breadwinners. If you are a breadwinner of the family, it means that your family members depend financially on you. Therefore, if you pass away, they may have to deal with financial problems. The best way to protect them and make sure that they are able to have the same financial level of comfort after you pass away is to get life insurance. 
  • Business owners.  Life insurance helps to cover business debts. For this reason, every business owner should consider getting it. 
  • Stay-at-home parents.  According to the website, an average salary of a stay-at-home parent is $178,000. It is a high amount to make up for if a stay-at-home parent passes away. For this reason, stay-at-home parents may need life insurance even more than working parents. 
  • Single mothers.  The statistics say that over 40% of babies in the US are born to single mothers. Many of these women do not have anyone who is able to support and help them financially. The best way for them to protect their kids is to get life insurance. 
  • Singles with no kids.  Even if you an unmarried single person, you still need life insurance. First of all, because funerals are expensive. And second, there are still people who may need financial help after your death – your parents, siblings, or nephews. 

If you realized that you belong to one of these five categories, it is time to get a life insurance policy. Town & Country Insurance serving Buford, GA and other surrounding towns is ready to answer all your questions and find a policy based on your personal and financial needs. Give us a call today to discuss the options available. 

Will Home Insurance Cover Items In A Storage Unit?

If you have possessions locked up in a storage unit in Buford, GA, your home insurance policy does offer some protection for those items. Just about anything you own, if it’s listed in your inventory, if your premiums are paid up, is going to be covered, whether it’s in your home, in your office, in your car, or in your storage unit.

This means that if there’s a disaster or a break-in at your storage facility, you’re going to be covered by your home insurance, rather than by any insurance the storage company may carry.

That said, the insurance that your home insurer provides for off-premises items typically cuts off at a lower limit than on-premises possessions. This is usually set at around 50% unless you’re willing to buy additional insurance. 50% is usually enough, but if you have some particularly valuable items in storage, you may want to consider buying extended coverage.

You can also look into storage unit insurance if you find yourself in the process of moving or will otherwise be without home insurance for any length of time, but if your home insurance policy is active, if it’s paid up, then you don’t really have much to worry about.

If you are looking to buy home insurance in Buford, GA, you can get in touch with us at Town & Country Insurance to get a good deal on a great home insurance policy. Stop by our offices, check out the Town & Country Insurance website, or call us on the phone whenever it’s convenient for you, and we’ll see what we can do to set you up with the protection that you need.

What Types of Commercial Coverage Does Your Home Business Need?

Like any business, your home enterprise needs protection against unfortunate events that can deplete your business finances. At Town & Country Insurance, we’ll assess your home business and recommend appropriate insurance coverage to protect it from harm. Depending on your Buford, GA home enterprise, you may benefit from one or more of the following commercial insurance options:

Property Coverage

Home insurance is designed to protect your home and personal belongings. This may include your business office setup at home, but not your business equipment or inventory. Commercial property insurance will cover your computer, printer, scanner, filing cabinets, and other equipment your business uses at home. This same coverage will protect any inventory you have stored in your house or garage. 

Liability Coverage

If you receive clients regularly at home for business purposes, you may want commercial liability coverage to protect you against accidents. A slip and fall in your driveway could send a client to the hospital with a broken bone, leaving you responsible to pay his medical costs. Commercial liability covers this expense to protect your business profits. It also protects you against lawsuits if someone sues you for damages. Product liability protects you against injuries caused by a product your business produces or sells.

Business Interruption

Even home businesses can be affected by natural disasters. Business interruption insurance covers the loss of revenue, payroll, and other expenses if your home business has to close temporarily due to disaster damage or loss of power.  

Worker’s Comp

If your home business employs three or more part-time, full time or seasonal workers, you’re required to have worker’s comp insurance in Buford, GA by law. This coverage protects your workers from injuries sustained on the job.

To learn more about commercial insurance coverage for home businesses, contact us at Town & Country Insurance.

Recreational Insurance for Residents of Georgia

If you live in Georgia, you’re accustomed to warm, sunny weather many months of the year. It’s perfect for spending time outside. From outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the adrenaline rush of riding an ATV to those who prefer sunbathing on a boat, nothing brings peace of mind quite like having insurance. Whether you have an ATV, RV, boat, or another recreational vehicle, purchasing insurance is a worthwhile investment. So why should you choose Town & Country Insurance in Buford, GA as your recreational insurance provider? Read on to find out why!

Industry Experience: Town & Country Insurance has been serving Buford, GA for more than 10 years. The agents at Town & Country Insurance have many years of experience in various sectors of the insurance and sales industries. They are extremely knowledgeable and will thoroughly explain your options to ensure that you get a policy that best suits your lifestyle.

Personal Attention: Town & Country Insurance agents provide superior customer service. They take the time to get to know you and your specific needs. At Town & Country Insurance, you’re not just a client – you’re family. Town & Country Insurance agents take the time to get to know you, so you’re guaranteed a recreational insurance plan that is unique and personal.

Options: Interested in insuring an RV or boat? Want to add a supplemental policy for an off-road vehicle to an existing plan? Town & Country Insurance offers plenty of affordable options for recreational insurance. Choose from plans that protect both you and your property.

To learn more about what’s covered in a recreational insurance policy, contact Town & Country Insurance in Buford, GA today!